Welcome to Spanish Bay Area

Spanish Bay Area is a community based organization bringing Spanish language education to students of all ages. We provide thorough Spanish communication skills and training for young children, students, professional adults looking to enhance their resume, after school academic programs, groups and anyone who simply wants to learn Spanish.

At Spanish Bay Area, we provide a unique methodology and environment. Our classes are fun, interactive and engaging for students at every level and every age group. We believe that learning Spanish is not just about memorizing vocabulary, phrasing and pronunciation. We believe it is about learning to communicate in a foreign language with fluency. This requires a focus on several aspects of the language, including culture, grammar, and aural recognition. Our training incorporates all of these aspects in a fun, motivating setting.

At Spanish Bay Area, we are not just teachers, but mentors, guiding our students on a path to Spanish eloquence. We prioritize the interest level and engagement of our students to ensure they are getting the most out of each and every class. Our class discussions are topical and relevant and we use games, challenges and contests to keep younger students inspired and motivated. And, unlike expensive audio only programs, we are available, in person, to listen to our students and provide consistent feedback, tutoring and support to each and every one.

While many other programs teach from outdated textbooks, all of our materials are new and original tools that we have devised specifically to address the needs of our students. We use the most current methods of teaching that are most effective in today's learning environment alongside our proprietary materials.

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"Estas Son las Mananitas", by outstanding student Kitty

Spanish Bay Area is a candidate for accreditation. It has been approved by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges(WASC)