.                                           SPANISH FOR CHILDREN - CLASS DESCRIPTION

Spanish Reading and Speaking-Early Age (4-6 years old): Students acquire reading, writing and speaking skills in a fun, yet structural form. Engaging activities, games and worksheets promote oral participation, vocabulary development and Spanish accent improvement. Course I.D # SRS 01

Spanish Reading and Speaking-Young Age (7-9 years old): Students acquire speaking skills in a playful environment using basic language structure. Fun activities, interactive games and engaging worksheets encourage students to speak, learn early grammar and expand vocabulary. Course I.D # SRS 02

Spanish Reading and Speaking-Later Age (10-13 years old): Fun activities, age appropriate games and engaging worksheets encourage Spanish conversational skills using basic to intermediate language structure. Students create their own fiction  stories and use their own voices to give life to the characters they create. Students play to situational dialogues in front of an audience conformed by their parents/family members. This class prepares students for Spanish 1 in middle or high school. Course I.D # SRS 03

Spanish Homeschooling (8-15 years old): This class is equivalent to one year of Spanish taken in public school. It covers the basic concepts of the language including grammar, vocabulary and common Spanish expressions. Textbook required is “¡Buen viaje! - Spanish 1 Glencoe/McGraw-Hill” approved by the Foreign Language Primary Adoption commission of the California Department of Education (https://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/fl/im/documents/fladoptreport.pdf). 
The class meets 4 weekends per month for 10 months in your home. At the end of this period the student will be presented with a certificate from Spanish Bay Area for completion of Spanish Level 1 equivalent classes. Students will be ready to take Spanish Level 2 after fulfillment of level 1. Course I.D # SH 01